I went in to get some work done, started crown prep the end of December, as the Dr.Kim is prepping my tooth it felt like she was shaving to much off i inquired about it and she claimed she had to do it so the crown would fit. She in turn placed a temporary crown on and said it would be 2-3 weeks for permanent to come back. I went home and the very next day it fell out went back the next day my appointment was for 12 i was not seen until a little after 2 ...these visits went on and on until i got a call saying the permanent crown was back i was so excited that i took a uber from work that night only to find that the crown didn't fit properly and was about 2 shades darker than my regular teeth i was furious Dr.kim asked her assistant for the mirror and began to say i want you to see what this looks like before i cement it she said she wasn't to happy with color but in so many words this was how my smile would look because she doesn't know the exact shade to use...the nightmare begins so she said i'll just use this as your temporary and i'll send out to lab again for another one....low and behold that one came out too. I called in and told them what happened Dr.kim was off that day so a older gentleman(dentist) took a look and could not figure out how the crown was supposed to fit in after he played with it for a while he said he would cement it ,he had the nerve to tell me and my fiancee if it comes out again chew up a little piece of gum and just stick on the inside until i can get back to them. He was the worst

Needless to say that temp stayed in for few days i woke up Saturday morning with the temp crown in my mouth and my tooth inside the crown so know i'm walking around toothless in the front a big gap in my mouth and to top it off getting my teeth fixed and regaining my smile back was very important because i'm getting married in a few weeks so now i have to postpone my wedding....

From the office manager to the assistants and that *** Dr. Kim that place is horrible.

They need to be shut down bad business and they are not even accredited by the BBB

Product or Service Mentioned: Dental Dreams Dental Crown Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: 2459 Aramingo Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

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Don't postpone your wedding over this ; most people I see in wedding photos aren't smiling anyways ... your future is more important than your tooth and much more so than a bunch of phony, bogus, expensive photographs that will gather dust for years to come and look posed and fake regardless.

It sounds as if Dr. Kim should return immediately to Korea and the older gentleman should retire ; I don't blame you for being angry - you pay good money, get poor results and - worse yet - waste precious time which cannot be replaced by any known method.


Right - I've seen people get married on crutches and in wheelchairs.It's the marriage that counts !

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